22/F/Canada. I'll be mostly posting art here. (Let me know if you'd like a private reply to your message!) Thanks for stopping by! :>


Another quickie experimental lockscreen! These last couple of weeks have been kind of rough on me, so this (and its crazy rainbow palette) helped keep my mind off things. Looking forward to a bazillion tulips poking their shiny faces out of my garden!

Another quickie experimental lockscreen! These last couple of weeks have been kind of rough on me, so this (and its crazy rainbow palette) helped keep my mind off things. Looking forward to a bazillion tulips poking their shiny faces out of my garden!

Anonymous asked
Hello Myma! I was wondering if you do animations? If so, then I'd like to see where you post your animations. :D

Hello! I have some really short, really awfully animated (but slightly charming) animations from an old animation class still kicking around. I haven’t uploaded any of them anywhere yet though, not sure if I should! ;-;

Anonymous asked
are you obsessed with cry or...? e.e

I’ll keep this simple: I like his content, and I draw what I like. Not gonna quantify it.

kenkundono asked
have you ever wanted to make manga?

I’m not sure about manga specifically, but I’ve wanted to make a comic for a long time! Tis a beautiful method of storytelling. :>

orribu asked
Hhhhh your art-- I freaking love it so much! You have an incredible style and eye for color!! ; w; <33

Thank you so much, that’s really sweet of you to say! ;-; <3

Re: Commissions

(Here’s my current status regarding commissions, because I’ve gotten a lot of messages about them!)

I’m not currently taking commissions, though I may be sometime in the next few months. (I’ve been working a lot recently, so I’m afraid I wouldn’t have much time to work on others’ requests!) I’ll definitely let you all know when I’m ready to take commissions, though. Thank you for your interest! :>

Super messy thumbnail for The Last of Us: Left Behind! TLOU absolutely floored me and I imagine I’ll feel similarly about this DLC. Can’t wait to play Ellie again! :>

doctor-docson asked
You mentioned writing. Do you have it somewhere?

Sorry, I don’t have any of my writing up anywhere! I’ve been slowly piecing together something I would like to eventually turn into a webcomic, and the only substantial form it exists in (apart from occasional doodles) is about two years worth of writing. Hopefully something comes of it sometime! (I’m really timid to start on the comic itself! ;-; )

Screencap redraw! I’m really excited for Soukyuu no Fafner: Exodus (and it was far too difficult to choose my favourite scene from the first season and both movies) so I drew a frame from the newest Exodus trailer. Kazuki’s hair is hella long now (but I’m digging it)!

Anonymous asked
Do you plan on making gameplay videos? (Or have you?)

I haven’t made any videos, but I’ve definitely thought about it before! (I’m afraid I wouldn’t be very entertaining though??)

Anonymous asked
Hello Myma, I was wondering if you could help me how to color on paint tool sai, because I really find it difficult. I tried to watch tutorials on YouTube, but it doesn't really help me. Thanks in advance. Oh, and Happy New Year!

Hi! I haven’t been using SAI all that long myself but I’m happy to share tips! Do you have any specific questions about colouring (eg. choosing colour palettes/ using the tools/ shading & lighting etc.)? Otherwise I might list off a bunch of general/unrelated stuff you may already know!

A very Happy New Year to you too! <3

Anonymous asked
Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan) fan? :D

Aw yeah, wee anon! Seen the whole anime so far but have yet to read the manga (now that I’m horribly sick again I should get a chance to though)!

Anonymous asked
Hello Myma, just a little cutie pie question. UuU Does your boyfriend get jealous of Cry? ^////^ Harharhar. U don't have 2 answer if this is too irritating. UuU

Hi, and nope? I know what you mean (in that a lot of my art on here is Cry-related) but that doesn’t affect my relationship!

Anonymous asked
Hey Myma! I was wondering what age did you start drawing on the drawing tablet? Because I just started months ago and I still find outlining my drawings pretty hard. Can you give me tips on stuff like this? ( ^ w ^ )

Hi! I think I was around 14 when I first started? Wasn’t too keen on it at first, but I liked the look of digitally coloured images so much that I stuck with it. Doing lineart digitally is still challenging at times (like making sure the lines help accentuate/flesh out the forms and getting the anatomy of any figures mostly correct!). I love having smooth lines as well, so there are tablet settings you can tweak to make your lines more to your taste. (I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find doing lineart in SAI is a lot smoother than Photoshop!)

I don’t really have any special tricks, but here are a few general tips for digital lineart:

-I find it easier to start roughing out my lineart after I’ve got a quick scribble or a suggestion of a form on another layer - in a lighter shade than what I ink with, I roughly brush out the silhouette of what I’m going to be drawing so I have an idea of where the lines are going to go. This helps me get a quick grasp of how well the anatomy and the composition’s working as well.

-Try to vary your line width: I was told this a ton in art school, and I understand its importance now! Even before you start fleshing out forms with shadow and highlights, you can show a lot of depth in the form of the figure with just the thickness of the lines. I’m still trying to get better at doing this! ;-;

-Sometimes getting lines right just requires repetition! I abuse the CTRL-Z shortcut like you wouldn’t believe.

For the most part, using the tablet gets so much easier the longer you have it and the more often you use it. Sounds cliche but getting lots of practice really helps! :>

stanleytheduck asked
Yeah if you could share some things that helped you it would be great! :D

Not sure what to focus on specifically but I’ll throw a few really general things out there!

Evocative lighting is really appealing to me as a viewer, so I’m trying to get better at getting lighting right/ evoking mood and atmosphere with use of light. Photography has really helped me here - whenever I see interesting lighting around I try to get a picture so I have time to figure out how to roughly recreate that kind of light/atmosphere if I want to in the future! Lighting alone can do a ton in terms of connecting with the viewer and immediately setting the mood of the image.

I always rushed my lineart in early years so I could get to the colour faster, but I’m trying to be more patient with my lines and making sure everything’s pretty much good to go before I start with the colour. I still get impatient and work haphazardly, but getting the lines down first is super helpful (so you don’t have to worry about tons of half-finished layers)! Working lineless is really cool, but personally I love the look of dark lines.

Also I’ve heard from other artists to avoid using too much pure black or pure white, but I still use both (just in moderation)! Another handy rule of thumb I go by is that shadows are typically in cooler tones and highlights/lighter areas are typically warmer. (Not always though!) Composition-wise, guides such as the rule of thirds are handy to know to make an image more visually appealing. (It’s not required though!)

This isn’t so much advice as it is just really general things that I’ve realized or things that have helped me personally. (Hopefully that’s not too general!)